MAXIPLAN Project website – funded by H2020

Overall objective: The MAXIPLAN project vision is to prototype, pilot and commercialise our nutritious, easy-to-use and pathogen-free aquafeed, for more efficient and productive marine finfish and shellfish aquaculture hatcheries.

MAXIPLAN will transform marine fish aquaculture and help pave the way for local shrimp aquaculture in Europe. The aim is to deliver the first off-the-shelf aquafeed based on the offspring of barnacles that have a far superior nutritional profile to current mainstay feeds.


Problem to address: To meet rising worldwide demand for high-quality seafood, a 30% increase in global aquaculture production is needed by 2030. Production of high-quality juveniles is a key bottleneck in marine aquaculture. Today´s natural live and inert aquaculture feeds to support aquaculture species in early development use Artemia, rotifers and phytoplankton grown locally at hatcheries. Although they are a very poor nutritional match for most marine species in aquaculture, there has not been an industrial alternative to rotifers and artemia since their introduction some 40 years ago.

The MAXIPLAN project will secure market readiness for two related feed products, with the working titles CryoMax for finfish and SteriMax for shrimp.


The MAXIPLAN project website:

This website will be further developed and refined during our project. Technical information on biological effects will be made available, instructions and training material will be developed and possible to download and we will keep other stakeholders informed as well, through press releases and relevant presentations.


Press releases and press coverage – MAXIPLAN project:

Article by Dr. Nils Tokle in Hatchery International June 2021 Edition.

Planktonic presented as Industry Case in Valuer AI


Planktonic CEO, Rune Husby, video interview at Innovation Norway – MAXIPLAN project

Case studies: «Sterimax» for shrimp: Trial on whiteleg shrimp – L.vannamei

White papers: To be released

User manuals: To be released