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Planktonic AS was established in 2008 by the two founders, Dr. Nils E. Tokle and Håvard Aakerøy.

They set out to solve the problem of suboptimal nutrition in marine larviculture and believed the answer had to be found in the ocean. They were well aware that marine zooplankton as a starting feed gave the best results, but the challenge was to harvest, store and use marine zooplankton in such a way that it made economical sense in industrial aquaculture.

After a long period of development, they found that barnacle nauplii was a perfect candidate for the job. It has a nutritional profile identical to most other marine nauplii, such as copepods, but they also discovered that the presence of antifreeze proteins, made it possible to cryopreserve these nauplii as well, in industrial scale! In addition, we can grow barnacles on artificial installations in the ocean, making it possible to cultivate and harvest the raw material in a sustainable way, year after year.

It’s the eggs inside the barnacle we harvest and use in CryoPlankton. These eggs hatch to stage 1 nauplius during the production process and we can therefore deliver a product with a biosafety that surpasses all other live feed products.

The holy grail in marine aquaculture was found, a biosafe, live feed product based on marine zooplankton, with the right nutritional profile without the need for enrichments.

Plus, it’s easy to use, you just thaw and feed it to the fish larvae!

Planktonic has been selling CryoPlankton since 2016 and is now a progressive and leading supplier of live feed to marine hatcheries in Europe.

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Aquaculture is one of the most important long-term growth areas for food production.

CryoPlankton will provide the fish larvae with the right nutrion to develop optimally, thus reducing farmers costs, enabling them to produce more from less. CryoPlankton will also help farmers reduce their reliance on antibiotics, thereby mitigating a major public health concern in the future. Barnacles have traditionally been seen as a fouling organism, with negative value. Plantonic has turned this into a positive, a high value feed product.

We aim to fulfill several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Zero hunger
Increases production of seafood. Enables farming of new marine species and increases efficiency/output from existing fish and shrimp farming.
Good health and well-being
Increases food production with beneficial health effects for humans and less negative environmental impact.
Responsible consumption and production
Increases yield from the resources used in marine farming. Utilizing a new natural marine resource, which in the relevant scale occur in abundance.
Life below water
Utilizing a new natural marine resource, which in the relevant scale occur in abundance.

Read more about United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at their website here.

Barnacle farming

Planktonic has five aquaculture licenses for farming barnacles.

When spring comes, planktonic stages of barnacle nauplii will settle naturally on the substrate we provide for them at our farming sites. When they reach mature adulthood, they will be harvested during winter time and their eggs used to produce CryoPlankton. Come spring again, the cycle repeats itself. It’s 100% natural and 100% sustainable.

Career opportunities

We are now seeking our Global Sales Manager.

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